Trust Notes

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  • Client: Momentum3
  • Services: Visioning, User Shadowing, Wireframing, Visual Design, HTML/CSS Prototype

Trust Notes is an Asset Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software used by the Trust Company of Oklahoma to manage their clients’ Trust Accounts. UX Team partnered with, Momentum3, an Oklahoma-based development firm, to design a new version of Trust Notes that would include several new features and a total overhaul of the application’s user interface.

The project kicked off with onsite user shadowing, interviews and visioning sessions where UX Team observed daily, real-world activities to help gain valuable insight into each user’s needs. The learnings from these activities sparked ideas for new features and drove the design of the application’s information architecture and user interface.

After iterating through some initial wireframe designs, UX Team created an HTML/CSS prototype that enabled the client and development team to experience the entire application before any code was written. Ultimately, the assets created for the prototype were then used by the Momentum3 development team to build and deliver the new application.