Silver Tips Tea Logo

Silver Tips Tea is a tea reseller and a tea restaurant in Tarrytown, NY. The Silver Tips website sells tea and provides information about the tea room restaurant. UX Team redesigned the website to be responsive and user friendly using Bootstrap. The site was also migrated to Shopify, an ecommerce platform that allows our client to fulfill orders, manage products and update content. We started the redesign by creating wireframes that we then converted to full-color mockups. From those mockups, we customized and implemented the theme in Shopify.

Besides making the site responsive, one of the key goals was making the products easier to find. We updated the navigation structure to feature high level categories, such as ‘black tea’ and ‘green tea’ and organized the products into those categories. Another helpful feature we added is faceted search, which allow users to filter the products by certain attributes, such as type and flavor. We also added a smart search function that displays real time search results in a drop down menu. Now, the Silver Tips Tea website is responsive and features an easy-to-navigate interface that allows users to easily find and purchase tea.

  • Client: Silver Tips Tea
  • Services: Visioning, Information Design, Visual Design, Wireframing, Logo Design, Front-end Development and eCommerce Implementation.