One dedicated team. One fixed price.

We specialize in improving enterprise applications to streamline business processes, ensure data accuracy, and minimize employee frustration.

We believe that good software and website design can only be achieved when all team members are entrenched in your business and really understand your users.

We know that Time and Materials (T&M) models are often abused with overly inflated billable hours that only lead to client relationship issues.

We also know that, in order to be given a shot to work with great clients like Nestlé, Morgan Stanley, Selective Insurance, Hasbro, and other companies, we need to put some “skin in the game.” So not only do we use a low blended rate for all team members, we also provide free practice head oversight from our Director of User Experience to make sure you are getting the best quality work possible from your Dedicated Team.

You see, we’re not in this to do one-and-done projects. We want to develop long-lasting relationships that are built on quality, trust, and transparency.

Our simple, transparent pricing model

Our Dedicate Team model is simple and transparent. Once we define a scope of work together, we charge a fixed price for a given team for a given duration. No surprises — just results.


Number of hours per week (Team members)
$145 Hourly rate
$ Weekly rate
Number of weeks
$ Team cost
$ 10% Project management
$ Total fixed-price


60 hours per week (1.5 Team members)
$145 Hourly rate
$8,700 Weekly rate
4 weeks
$34,800 Team cost
$3,480 10% Project management
$3,480 10% Proj. management
$38,280 Total fixed-price

How our dedicated team model benefits our clients:

No lost intellectual capital

With a Dedicated Team, all the knowledge each team member gains throughout a project is never lost.

Continuity & consistency

A Dedicated Team ensures a more consistent product design by working from start to finish.

Trust & stability

Team members trust each other’s abilities, adding stability and improving overall performance and speed.

Resources used for their strengths

A Dedicated Team allows members to focus on their strengths, avoiding tasks outside their expertise.

Enhanced long-lasting relationship

Clients know team members on a first name basis, enhancing communication and camaraderie for better teamwork.

Flexibility and responsiveness

With our lean methodology, it’s easy to pivot as priorities change.