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Piece of paper with the typed text, Unwrapping Our 2024 Figma Wishlist. Design features for a better experience.

Unwrapping Our 2024 Figma Wishlist

Another year has passed, and our list of wishes for Figma has grown. We have been excited to see some of our wishes from 2023 come to life, along with many other helpful features. Figma is great at listening to its users, so we are hopeful going into 2024, our wishlist will be fulfilled.

The Power of Small UX Animations

In today's digital world, user engagement and satisfaction are key to the success of any application or website. One often overlooked but powerful tool in achieving these goals is the use of small, subtle animations and interactions.
Dark Mode User Experience

Designing for Dark Mode: Key Considerations and Best Practices

In this article, we will explore essential factors to keep in mind when designing for dark mode and provide practical tips for creating user-friendly interfaces.

How [ChatGPT] Would Make It Better: Instagram

The following post was written entirely by ChatGPT when we asked it to "Write a blog post on why Instagram has a bad user experience. "
handwritten paper note saying figma wishlist 2023

Figma Wishlist 2023

Here is our wish list of things we hope to see from Figma in 2023.

How We’d Make it Better: Hatch Baby Rest

The Hatch Baby Rest is a super sleek, minimalist device with a sound machine and nightlight features. However, it’s not so easy to use.
UX Trends

Top UX Trends That Need To End In 2022

Instead of predicting what UX Trends will catch on in 2022, we thought it would more useful to call out the UX Trends we hope will end.

How We’d Make It Better: Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV user experience is a classic example of where the Visual UX is clearly not centered on the user.
How To Make Long Online Web Forms Suck Less

How To Make Long Online Web Forms Suck Less (For Your Users)

Online web forms with tons of form fields can be extremely cumbersome to complete - but there are a few ways you can to make them seem feel less cumbersome to your users.
Microsoft Outlook Logo

How We’d Make It Better: Microsoft Outlook

The latest version of Outlook for Mac appears to be heading in the right direction - but there are several obvious flaws that can and should be addressed.

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Design Software As If You Are The User

We get this one a lot. A client wants us to design their software but they don't think we need to involve their users in the process because they say "I'm a user - so if I like it and I can use it, my users will too."
Elon Musk

How Elon Musk’s 5-Step Process Applies To Software Development

In this fantastic interview, Elon Musk breaks down a 5-Step Process that we feel should be applied to designing and developing software.
Microsoft Teams logo

How We’d Make It Better: Microsoft Teams

UX Team looks at specific ways we would make the Microsoft Teams user experience better with features such as a "You're Muted!", "Call Selected People", "Links", and more.
Spotify Logo

How We’d Make It Better: Spotify (Vol. 1)

UX Team looks at specific ways we would make the Spotify User Experience better. Most of it has little to do with the User Interface design — but all of it has to do with the User Experience
Usability Testing

“Usability Testing” Continues To Be Confused With “User Feedback” and Other “Testing”

Not only do people confuse Focus Groups with Usability Testing but many also confuse User Feedback and even QA Testing with Usability Testing.
Google Ads UX Fail

This Google Ads #UXFAIL Is Costing Customers Thousands of Dollars

We don't want to look like we're picking on Google - but this UX Fail is actually costing businesses hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month.
Evidence-based Design

Presenting Evidence-Based Design Recommendations

Much the way a prosecutor presents evidence to help a jury reach a verdict, we as designers must present the evidence to support our designs recommendations. However, even if you have ample evidence, you still need to present the evidence in a clear, easy-to-understand manner otherwise you may not win your case.

Your User’s ‘Mental Model’ May Be Very Different Than Yours

When we use software, we subconsciously paint a mental model in our heads for how we believe the product should work. A misunderstanding of your user's mental model could be catastrophic.

2016 Volvo XC60 Dashboard Design #UXFAIL

The design of the 2016 Volvo XC60 dashboard display clearly did not get the meticulous scrutiny it deserved because, when it comes to usefulness and usability, the dashboard readout design fails miserably.

“Where are my YouTube Videos?” #UXFAIL

If you've ever uploaded a video on YouTube, you may have found it difficult to find that video in your YouTube account later on after you've uploaded it. Google "Where are my YouTube Videos?" and you'll find that this is not a unique 'user issue'.