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Elon Musk

How Elon Musk’s 5-Step Process Applies To Software Development

In this fantastic interview, Elon Musk breaks down a 5-Step Process that we feel should be applied to designing and developing software.
Microsoft Teams logo

How We’d Make It Better: Microsoft Teams

UX Team looks at specific ways we would make the Microsoft Teams user experience better with features such as a "You're Muted!", "Call Selected People", "Links", and more.
Spotify Logo

How We’d Make It Better: Spotify (Vol. 1)

UX Team looks at specific ways we would make the Spotify User Experience better. Most of it has little to do with the User Interface design — but all of it has to do with the User Experience
Usability Testing

“Usability Testing” Continues To Be Confused With “User Feedback” and Other “Testing”

Not only do people confuse Focus Groups with Usability Testing but many also confuse User Feedback and even QA Testing with Usability Testing.
Google Ads UX Fail

This Google Ads #UXFAIL Is Costing Customers Thousands of Dollars

We don't want to look like we're picking on Google - but this UX Fail is actually costing businesses hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month.
Evidence-based Design

Presenting Evidence-Based Design Recommendations

Much the way a prosecutor presents evidence to help a jury reach a verdict, we as designers must present the evidence to support our designs recommendations. However, even if you have ample evidence, you still need to present the evidence in a clear, easy-to-understand manner otherwise you may not win your case.

Your User’s ‘Mental Model’ May Be Very Different Than Yours

When we use software, we subconsciously paint a mental model in our heads for how we believe the product should work. A misunderstanding of your user's mental model could be catastrophic.

2016 Volvo XC60 Dashboard Design #UXFAIL

The design of the 2016 Volvo XC60 dashboard display clearly did not get the meticulous scrutiny it deserved because, when it comes to usefulness and usability, the dashboard readout design fails miserably.

“Where are my YouTube Videos?” #UXFAIL

If you've ever uploaded a video on YouTube, you may have found it difficult to find that video in your YouTube account later on after you've uploaded it. Google "Where are my YouTube Videos?" and you'll find that this is not a unique 'user issue'.

Why A Poor ‘Visual Hierarchy’ Will Destroy Your Software’s User Experience

"When everything appears important, nothing is important". This quote still repeats in my head everyday — and for good reason.
Why Google’s ‘Familiar’ Instant Autocomplete Results Failed Our Usability Tests.

Why The Google Places API Search Failed Our Usability Tests

Whenever we perform usability tests, we inevitably discover something we didn't expect — which is exactly why we test. Read why our implementation of Google's Places API for business searches failed our test.
Dedicated UX Team

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A ‘Dedicated UX Team’

More and more of our clients are taking advantage of our 'Dedicated UX Team' engagement model whereby we carefully select and assign a group of UX resources to our client's project(s) throughout the entire duration of our engagement.
Gmail Redesign Fail

5 Things The New Gmail Design Got Wrong

Google recently launched its revamped Gmail design and, while there many things they got right, there are some things we feel they got wrong — in just the left sidebar.
User Shadowing

Why and How UX Designers Should Perform User Shadowing

User Shadowing is an extremely useful behavioral observation practice that is used by UX designers and researchers to learn how people perform day-to-day tasks within their natural environment.

2018 Google Trends Shows Dramatic Increase in “UX” Search Terms

I discovered a very dramatic upward trend in the amount of "ux design" searches and "User experience design" topics since 2004.

Why You Need a UX Team (Part 7)

When you hire a UX Team, you don't just get a team of great designers, you get all their collective experiences designing tons of other software products.
Hybrid Apps

What is a Hybrid App and When Should You Choose it?

Learn why many of the most popular apps available in app stores today, such as: Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Evernote and even the Apple App Store itself, are actually hybrids.

Why You Need a UX Team (Part 6)

A good UX Team will utilize activities that will help drive the design of the user experience towards one that is focused on data — not opinions.

User Shadowing on The Trading Floor at Morgan Stanley

I spent a good amount of time shadowing users in the trenches, on the Morgan Stanley trading floor. My job was to not only observe how users perform their jobs but to also stay out of the way.

Why You Need a UX Team (Part 5)

Often times, during UX activities, we uncover flaws in our client's business that they were unaware of.