Application development

Front-end development

Since JavaScript development focuses entirely on the front-end, it is ideal for software redesign projects where clients want to overhaul their existing product’s UX while keeping all their back-end code and data largely untouched. In some cases, we may make recommendations to update certain APIs and/or data to either increase performance or align better with the new UX.

We will provide designs and HTML/CSS for the screens we design.
We can utilize Storybook for component documentation.
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Middle and back-end development

Under the direction of a Product Manager (ours or yours), your software product is built by our team of on-staff application developers (all based in the USA)  that are dedicated to your product. In fact, you will get to know all your team members on a first name basis — something you’re not likely to get from any offshore development firm.

Some of our middle and back-end development services include: Icon
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Developer handoff

One of the biggest challenges when starting development is communicating how the design is intended to function. That’s no problem for us. We pair with developers and provide HTML/CSS assets, answer questions and review screens as they are developed.

We provide design specs for components. For example, cards, modals, and large containers should all have 16-pixel padding.
Message from developer: What should the error message say if they add a record that already exists?
We provide design systems and style guides as part of our easy handoff process to developers.
Message from developer: Can you send me HTML/CSS for the new expanding table rows?

Some of our developer handoff services include:

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