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Research, interviews, whiteboard sessions, site maps, task flow diagrams, product roadmaps, and wireframes.


Interactive, non-functional prototypes that let you experience your software application before you invest in developing it.


Specializing in Angular, Ember, React, ASP.NET Razor Front-end Development; and .NET, ColdFusion and SQL development.

Elon Musk

How Elon Musk’s 5-Step Process Applies To Software Development

In this fantastic interview, Elon Musk breaks down a 5-Step Process that we feel should be applied to designing and developing software.
Microsoft Teams logo

How We’d Make It Better: Microsoft Teams

UX Team looks at specific ways we would make the Microsoft Teams user experience better with features such as a "You're Muted!", "Call Selected People", "Links", and more.
Spotify Logo

How We’d Make It Better: Spotify (Vol. 1)

UX Team looks at specific ways we would make the Spotify User Experience better. Most of it has little to do with the User Interface design — but all of it has to do with the User Experience
Usability Testing

“Usability Testing” Continues To Be Confused With “User Feedback” and Other “Testing”

Not only do people confuse Focus Groups with Usability Testing but many also confuse User Feedback and even QA Testing with Usability Testing.