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Selective Insurance Quoting System Overview

Selective Insurance Company of America provides insurance products and services to businesses, public entities and individuals through independent agents in 27 Eastern, Southern, Midwestern, and Southwestern states and the District of Columbia. UX Team was hired to redesign User Experience of Selective’s Insurance Policy Quoting and Issuance application, which involved extensive user interviews and shadowing, prototyping, usability testing, and Angular development.
The new quoting process as simplified from over 10 steps to just 3.


Increase the speed to quote

50% of agents surveyed reported that the most important factor when considering an insurance carrier to use is speed to quote. The remaining 50% listed speed to quote as the second most important factor.

Because of the product roadmap, the new UI would only be pushed out to quotes that meet specific criteria. It is important to determine whether that criterion is met as early as possible so users don’t have to re-do work if the policy is not eligible.

Determine automatic binding eligibility on the first screen
Increase small business policy issuance

Selective was losing business to competitors in part because their competitors’ quoting application was simply faster and easier to use.

Evidence Gathering


We sought to get a deep understanding of:

  • The goals and vision of Selective
  • Gain a deep understanding of how insurance policies are quoted
  • Each persona’s priorities as they relate to the quoting insurance policies
  • Identifying pain points in the current application
  • Validating new designs with real users


UX Team conducted the following activities:

  • Teamwork sessions with stakeholders
  • Competitive analysis
  • UX audit
  • User shadowing and interviews
  • Surveys
  • Card sort study

Key Findings

Interviewees expressed frustration with the class code lookup, citing the need to uncheck “full word” in order to search for partial matches.

The new design features an auto-complete as well as a browsable interface to help agents find the correct class code.

Google maps autocomplete
Survey participants agreed that speed to quote was either the number one or number two most important factor when deciding which insurance carrier to use.
By asking for the insured’s address first, we can pre-fill and pre-select several fields and options to make the quoting process faster and easier for agents.

Design Ideation

Information Architecture

UX Team audited the existing quote flow and proposed fields that could be eliminated, content that could be prefilled and steps that could be consolidated to make the quoting process faster and easier for agents.

Visual Design

The new streamlined user experience switches the user’s focus from heavy, redundant data entry to “review and edit as needed”. Most of the information is automatically populated for them based on the insured’s business name and address. In many cases, the agent just has to select the policy types and the automated pre-fills and the recommendation engine do the rest.


We converted the mockups into a high-fidelity Angular prototype. We used the prototype for usability testing and passed it along to Selective’s development team as dev-ready assets.

figma to angular icons


UX Team continues to work with Selective as the application moves through the roadmap. We provide support, advice on UX for new business needs and features and mockups as needed. 

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