OmniOn is the industry leader in power conversion technology.

OmniOn Overview

OmniOn products are mainly used to convert and control power in critical 9-1-1 cell towers and massive data centers. Therefore, system failures are simply not an option. The product’s interface must allow users to proactively monitor and address potential issues before they arise. Then, when the inevitable issues do happen, users must be able to quickly fix the issues to avoid any downtime.

OmniOn hired UX Team to design the web, mobile, and panel interfaces for its Next-Generation Power Converters.

Omnion Controller


Improve navigation structure

Modernize the navigation menu and introduce multiple intuitive avenues for finding information.

Seamless experience across devices

Ensure that the product feels and works the same way, whether it’s accessed via the panel, web or mobile interface.

Intuitive for inexperienced users

The product is often used in emergency situations by techs who are not familiar with the device, or even the subject matter. Therefore, it’s important for troubleshooting to be extremely simple and straighforward.

Before and After the OmniOn Power Redesign

Evidence Gathering


  • Gain an understanding of the industry
  • Learn how power flows through the controller and its components
  • Understand how the device works and how it’s used
  • Discover long term goals and vision for the product
  • Determine each persona’s key flows, tasks and goals
  • Find pain points with the existing design


  • Teamwork sessions with stakeholders
  • UX Audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • User shadowing and interviews
  • Surveys
  • Card sort study

Key Findings

User Demographic & Accessibility

The user demographic is primarily men 50 and older that:
  • Are visually impaired (reading glasses)
  • Are sometimes color blind
  • Have large (sometimes dirty) hands

Alarm Messaging & Troubleshooting

Most users we interviewed talked about how confusing the alarm messages were because they were often cryptic, misleading, and inaccurate, which made it very difficult to resolve any issues.

Our new alarm messaging is designed to be understood by even the most inexperienced technician. In addition, we design an easy-to-follow troubleshooting wizard to help users quickly resolve issues on their own without contacting OmniOn Tech Support.

Design Ideation

Information Architecture

The information architecture for OmniOn is multifold. We conducted a card sort and a treejack study to understand users’ mental models and how they group features and functions together. We also explored journeys and task flows for each user. The design incorporates reusable components so that they can be dropped into screens that different users access seamlessly. Our philosophy for the content structure for this project is “Group related content together.”
OmniOn Card Sort
Groupings according to the card sort study dendrogram.
OmniOn Sitemap
OmniOn Sitemap

Visual Design


Efficiency Through Purposeful Navigation
By consolidating options and grouping similar functions, we’ve significantly improved navigation ease. The introduction of comprehensive overview screens has empowered users with a clearer understanding of system functionalities.

Think about the necessities of your group market
By prioritizing accessibility, we create interfaces that are more intuitive, clearer, and accommodating, ensuring that all users, regardless of age or visual differences, can engage with ease and confidence.

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