Free Heuristic UX Audit Checklist

Heuristic UX Audit checklist

Why conduct a heuristic UX Audit?

The purpose of this Heuristic User Experience (UX) Audit is to evaluate and identify some initial opportunities to improve your software product or website based on established principles, research studies, and best practices.

Our Heuristic UX Audit Checklist is focused on helping you:

  1. Identify potential usability and accessibility issues
  2. Improve the overall user experience
  3. Prioritize actionable recommendations
  4. Benchmark against best practices
  5. Tee-up continuous usability evaluations and improvements

UX Audit heuristics

  • Usage understanding

    The clarity of what the app does and what it’s used for.

  • Visual Hierarchy

    The strategic arrangement of design elements to guide the user’s attention and communicate the relative importance of each element on the screen.

  • Information Architecture & Navigation

    The organization and structure of content and features, ensuring logical flow and intuitive access to information.

  • Accessibility

    The inclusivity of design practices that accommodate users with disabilities and diverse needs.

  • System Status & Feedback

    The clarity and helpfulness of feedback provided to users in response to their actions, ensuring they understand system responses.

  • Content & Communication

    The quality and relevance of content provided to users, ensuring it meets their needs and is presented effectively.

  • Flow & Data Entry

    The implementation of features that help users avoid errors and recover from mistakes if they occur.

  • Help

    The ability for users to find answers to questions about the app or interface.

  • Performance

    The speed and reliability of the site or app in delivering content and responding to user interactions.

What next?

This Heuristic UX Audit should not be considered fully inclusive of all potential improvements since UX Team has not performed its full evidence-based methodology. Successful product and website managers constantly analyze and evaluate ways to improve the user experience and, in order to do that, here are some recommended next steps:

  1. Install session recording software, like FullStory or Hotjar
    Session recording software reports on user frustrations and it allows you to watch video recordings of actual people using your app or website.
  2. Install Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks usage and engagement in your app or website.
  3. Hire UX Team
    UX Team leverages evidence to drive all design decisions so that applications not only look great, but are proven to be easy to use. Once you’ve completed our Heuristic UX Audit, it’s time to dig deeper and talk to actual users of your product or website to learn how they use it. We’ll compile and translate all of the evidence and recommendations into a new or update design that proves to be a better user experience.

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