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Enterprise Manager (EM): Client Drug Treatment and Residential Reentry Programs

Firetree, LTD provides drug/alcohol treatment and residential reentry services that help clients maintain a sober lifestyle and learn important life skills. The Firetree team uses its Enterprise Manager (EM) application to manage client treatment plans and complete business tasks that comply with federal and state requirements. The 11-year-old legacy EM application had several functionality limitations and a cumbersome user interface that made a complete overhaul necessary. UX Team redesigned and rebuilt the entire EM applications from the ground up with a vastly improved, mobile-friendly user interface, with tons of new productivity enhancing features, and a re-engineered code-base.

The project began with user shadowing and interviews Firetree users at 15 different user personas at 5 different facilities. During this process, UX Team observed and asked lots of questions as users went about completing their required tasks in and outside the legacy EM application. UX Team then conducted team work sessions to present its findings and recommendations based on those observations. To illustrate the full scope of the application’s content and functionality, UX Team created a sitemap, a detailed deck of wireframes, and an HTML/CSS prototype. The development team then used those assets to complete the new fully functional web-based application.

The new Firetree EM includes:

  • A client admission wizard
  • Thumbprint scanning check-ins and sign-offs
  • Data visualization dashboards
  • Treatment plans and progress notes
  • Whereabouts and headcount tracking
  • Prescription ordering and management
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Driver scheduling and logistics
  • Document signing and editing
  • Invoices & more

Now, UX Team continues to shadow and interview Firetree users to further iterate and improve usability, functionality and add new useful features.


  • Visioning
  • User Shadowing
  • Wireframing
  • Visual Design Mockups
  • Prototyping
  • CF Application Development
  • Hosting
  • Managed Services