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Urner Barry’s COMTELL software can be considered the “Bloomberg Terminal” for the food industry. It provides pricing data, news, and in-depth market analysis that helps food industry clients make better buying decisions.

urner barry dashboard with news and last activity


Urner Barry is a business publisher specializing in the timely, accurate and unbiased reporting of market news and quotations to clients in the poultry, egg, meat, seafood and related segments of the food industry through a variety of print and non-print media. Their flagship offering is a subscription-based online product called COMTELL, which can be considered the Bloomberg of the Food Industry whereby Food Buyers, Processors, Retailers, Traders, Brokers, Packers, Distributors, and even Government Agencies use COMTELL on a daily basis.

Evidence Gathering


  • Give users meaningful information at the right time.
  • Learn the different tasks users do on the software.
  • Pain points users are going through that makes their work harder.


  • Team Work Sessions
  • User Shadowing
  • Wireframing
  • Visual Design Mockups
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing


We converted the Adobe XD mockups into a ASP.NET MVC Razor assets for the Urner Barry development team.

XD to ASP net and razor logo


The UX redesign for Urner Barry’s COMTELL platform will enhance accessibility and user satisfaction, ensuring seamless access to vital market information for stakeholders across the food industry.

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