2018 Google Trends Shows Dramatic Increase in “UX” Search Terms

While doing some keyword research in Google Trends for our website (which I highly recommend), I discovered a very interesting and dramatic upward trend in the amount of “ux design” searches and “User experience design” topics since 2004. What I think this confirms is that more and more people are realizing just how important the User Experience is for their business and products. We, at UX Team, have certainly noticed it in not only the volume of leads we get but in the quality as well. People are simply more educated and need less convincing that they need to invest in UX in order to produce successful software products and websites.

So, it it time to step down from our UX Soapbox?

Not quite. There are still plenty of companies that are just beginning to learn the value of UX and they need firms, like UX Team, to educate them. We still find ourselves in either early sales meetings or Team Work Sessions where we have to get on our soapbox and promote the importance of user shadowing, usability testing and prototyping. So, the specific activities and deliverables produced by UX Team still require some convincing – but the need to convince folks that they need to focus on the User Experience is certainly a lot less challenging than ever.

See for yourself: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&geo=US&q=ux%20design,%2Fg%2F120_g8jl