Why You Need a UX Team (Part 7)

In Part 7 of this series on “Why You Need a UX Team“, we emphasize how hiring a UX Team means more than just hiring good designers.

Leverage The Learnings From Past UX Projects

When you hire a UX Team, you don’t just get a team of great designers for your software product, you get all their collective experiences designing tons of other software products. This means they can bring to the table ideas and design techniques that they know work or don’t work because they’ve already been tested with end-users. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test those designs once they’re used in your software product, it just means you may save some design iterations and you’ll have a higher level of confidence in your designs before they are tested. This is an important expectation to set because what tested well for one software product doesn’t mean it will test well for yours.