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Prototype to build a functional application optimized for desktop ad mobile.

IntraFi network screen. Home with order summary, negotiations and to-do's list

IntraFi Overview

The IntraFi Network Deposit product is a proprietary Insured Cash Sweep software application that enables financial institutions to move (“sweep”) large cash balances from their high-net-worth clients into smaller FDIC-insured accounts across a network of different banks.

Evidence Gathering


  • Dashboards customized data visualizations for several different user types
  •  Have an intuitive navigation
  • Learn the different tasks users do on the software.
  • Create and Ember Js prototype


We converted the wireframes from Figma to ember JS

Figma to ember icons


UX Team continues to work with Selective as the application moves through the roadmap. We provide support, advice on UX for new business needs and features and mockups as needed. 

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