IntraFi Network Deposits


Insured Network Deposit Software

The IntraFi Network Deposit product is a proprietary Insured Cash Sweep software application that enables financial institutions to move (“sweep”) large cash balances from their high-net-worth clients into smaller FDIC-insured accounts across a network of different banks.

The web app features:

  • Responsive design optimized for desktops, laptops, tablets and phones
  • Dashboards customized data visualizations for several different user types
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Detailed account info centers
  • Comprehensive prototype with:
    • Persona descriptions and sitemaps
    • Screen tours and tutorials
    • Personalized client demos

To start the project, UX Team performed an analysis of the current software. Findings and recommendations were presented during Team Work Sessions. UX Team then used information gathered during analysis and Team Work Sessions to re-architect the navigation and construct detailed wireframes. Once wireframes were completed, UX Team created a dual-purpose Ember JS  prototype to demonstrate the software. Our client uses the prototype to show off the software during sales pitches while the development team uses the assets from the prototype to build the functional application.