Prometheus Alts UX Design

Alternative investment and social network platform for financial professionals and investors

Prometheus Alts Overview

When we first met with the folks at Prometheus Alts, they already had a working product that they piloted with friends and colleagues. They contacted UX Team for help making their mobile app more usable and to translate it to a web app for desktop as well.

We started with a heuristic analysis where we compared their design to UX best practices and made quick recommendations for improvement. Then, we observed people using the app, surveyed and interviewed users, and did a competitive analysis of the space.


Identify and remediate user frustration

Based on best practices, find ways to improve the overall user experience of the mobile app.

Clarify navigation

A “best stab” at the navigation structure can work sometimes, but that best stab doesn’t usually match what a user would expect.

Use intuitive language

Industry terminology is great for professionals, but since Prometheus Alts is partially geared toward amateurs, it’s important to use language they understand.

Prometheus Home on Mobile
Prometheus Alts Home Page

Evidence Gathering


Given an aggressive timeline, we had to prioritize our research. We sought to gain a deep understanding of:

  • The goals and vision of Prometheus Alts
  • How alternate investments work
  • Each persona’s day-to-day activities, goals, priorities and frustrations
  • What goes into the decision making when choosing whether to make an investment in an alternative fund.


In order to master these research topics, UX Team will conducted the following studies:

  • Teamwork sessions with stakeholders
  • UX Audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • User shadowing and interviews
  • Surveys
  • Card sort study

Key Findings

Interviewees expressed the fund manager as one of the most important criteria to consider when deciding whether to invest in a fund.

Interviewees expressed that they often invest based on the fund manager, even over performance statistics and investment minimum.

The new design features the fund manager prominently on the fund profile page.

Our UX Audit revealed that touch targets on mobile in the initial design were too small and often overlapped each other.

All touch targets in the new mobile design are at least 48x48px and do not overlap.
Overlapping touch targets

Design Ideation

Information Architecture

UX Team conducted a card sort study to inform the structure of the site. Topics grouped with a high level of agreement became the top-level navigation.

Visual Designs


UX Team worked with Prometheus developers to implement the solution. We worked hand-and-hand with them via Slack, answering questions, providing additional assets and performing UX remediation and review on developed screens and flows. After launch, UX Team handed off the design system and screen designs to Prometheus’ new internal design team.

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