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Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company software application

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MUSIC Overview

Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company (MUSIC) specializes in complex commercial risk policies in the excess & surplus lines marketplace. UX Team was hired to redesign User Experience of their Rate, Quote, Bind, and Issue application. First, we started by shadowing insurance agents onsite at various agency offices so that we could learn first-hand what challenges the agents deal with on a daily basis. Then, we researched competitor systems and analyzed usage data to see what we could learn and apply to the new design. Once we felt we could begin working on a well-informed design, we started to iterate through some initial wireframes and process flow diagrams. Then, we created visual design mockups before starting to prototype the full user experience in a semi-functional Angular front-end. Finally, we tested the usability of our Angular prototype through a series of three usability tests with insurance agents until we arrived at a design that proved to not only be usable but extremely fast to get through.

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Evidence Gathering


  • Analyze usage data
  • Code a semi-functional Angular front-end


  • Team Work Sessions
  • User Shadowing
  • Wireframing
  • Visual Design Mockups
  • Front-end Angular Development
  • Usability Testing


We converted the mockups from Figma into Angular.

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UX Team continues to work with Selective as the application moves through the roadmap. We provide support, advice on UX for new business needs and features and mockups as needed. 

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