Morgan Stanley

Voice Request For Quote Capture System

Morgan Stanley hired UX Team to design an application used by bond traders and sales reps on the trading room floor to capture bond quote requests that come in from client calls.

User shadowing was key on this project. Each user sits at a desk with 4-8 computer monitors in front of them and they are constantly interacting with multiple disparate apps, talking on phone headsets,  speaking into intercoms and standing up and shouting things back and forth to each other. So the one thing this software needed to do most was fit seamlessly into this high intensity, mega-multitasking, chaotic work environment.

The details of the project and data elements displayed in our samples can not be disclosed for obvious confidentiality reasons.


  • Team Work Sessions
  • User Shadowing (on the trading room floor!)
  • Information Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping