Unwrapping Our 2024 Figma Wishlist

Another year has passed, and our list of wishes for Figma has grown. We have been excited to see some of our wishes from 2023 come to life, along with many other helpful features. Figma is great at listening to its users, so we are hopeful going into 2024, our wishlist will be fulfilled.

The Power of Small UX Animations

In today’s digital world, user engagement and satisfaction are key to the success of any application or website. One often overlooked but powerful tool in achieving these goals is the use of small, subtle animations and interactions.

Figma Wishlist 2023

Here is our wish list of things we hope to see from Figma in 2023.

But First, Prototype – Correcting Mistakes Before They’re Made

Source: quotesondesign.com

Sometimes ideas sound great in theory, but don’t work well in practice. That’s why prototyping with actual users is essential. We usually think of prototyping in terms of software, but it has real world applications, too.

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How UX Design Plays a Vital Role in Preventing Medical Errors

In a recent article published in Fast Company’s Co. Design, Jonathan West of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design was interviewed about a project he worked on called DOME (short for “Designing Out Medical Error”). The entire DOME team is comprised of designers, clinicians, psychologists, and human factors experts all focused on studying and designing solutions that could reduce medical mistakes made in hospitals. What is especially interesting is how the article sights many of the same methods and activities UX Team often uses on our software design projects Read more

“Go Slow, To Go Fast” When Designing and Building Software

The concept is simple enough: Take the time to do something right the first time and you will inevitably complete the task faster and better than if you rushed to “just get it done”. Read more