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User Shadowing on The Trading Floor at Morgan Stanley

I spent a good amount of time shadowing users in the trenches, on the Morgan Stanley trading floor. My job was to not only observe how users perform their jobs but to also stay out of the way.

Why You Need a UX Team (Part 5)

Often times, during UX activities, we uncover flaws in our client's business that they were unaware of.

Why You Need a UX Team (Part 4)

When your users or customers use your product, they do not think about how well the code was written — they think about performing tasks.

But First, Prototype – Correcting Mistakes Before They’re Made

Sometimes ideas sound great in theory, but don’t work well in practice. That’s why prototyping with actual users is essential.
A/B and Multi-Variate Testing User Experience

If You’re Not A/B Testing, You’re Already Losing Money

What would a 46% increase in conversion rates mean for your business? These are the types of real results that can be achieved through A/B Testing.

Why You Need a UX Team (Part 3)

In Part 3 of this series on "Why You Need a UX Team", we run through all the activities that a UX Team may perform for you that will help make sure your software product has a killer user exprience.

Why You Need a UX Team (Part 2)

Let Designers, Design and Developers, Develop. It's important that you use people for their strengths and not their weaknesses.

Treat Your Ecommerce UX Like Your In-Store Sales Reps

If 10,000 pre-qualified, motivated customers came into your brick and mortar store each month and 75% of them walked out without buying anything, what would you do?

Why You Need a UX Team (Part 1)

In Part 1 of this series on "Why You Need a UX Team", we examine what specific roles, responsibilities and skill sets a UX Team typically brings to the table.

Sometimes, To See “The Big Picture”, You Need To Draw A Big Picture

To truly understand and design the best possible information architecture for an app or website, find the biggest whiteboard in your office and start drawing.
Hidden Email Preheaders

The Disappearing Email Preheader

For the last few years, marketers have used 'teaser text' to give users a sneak peak of an email's content. Learn why we've found that the teaser text is often invisible in email today.

Why User Experience is More Than Just User Interface Design

User Experience is, as the term implies, about everything and anything that can impact the experience a user has when interacting with a product or website.

Why You Should Build Software Like You’re Fleeing A Desert Island

If you need to get people off a desert island, do you build one big boat or many small boats? Find out how this relates to building software.

E-commerce Shopping Cart Usability Research Findings

In this research article, they discuss how you should provide features that allow shoppers make easy, final purchase decisions.
Droid Vs iPhone

Why I Switched From Droid to iPhone

In January of 2012, I wrote an article titled "Why I Chose Droid Vs iPhone". Well, I recently became eligible for an upgrade - so I thought I'd write an article on why I am completely reversing my decision by choosing an iPhone this time.

How UX Design Plays a Vital Role in Preventing Medical Errors

Designers, clinicians, psychologists, and human factors experts all focus on studying and designing solutions that could reduce medical mistakes made in hospitals

Why Self-Doubt and Empathy are Ideal Traits for UX Designers

Like most jobs, UX designers need to posses certain skills in order to do their job effectively but there are also certain personality traits that can help someone make the leap from a good UX designer to a great UX designer. Those traits are self-doubt and empathy.
Healthcare.gov fail

The Healthcare.gov AbomiNation

CGI Federal, the development firm responsible for the botched Healthcare.gov launch, was either greedy, incompetent or both when it came to managing scope and expectations for what could realistically be accomplished within the unrealistic deadline they were given.
User Experience Return On Investment (ROI)

Every Dollar Invested In Ease Of Use Returns $10 To $100

For developers and manufacturers, the advantages of creating usable products far outweigh the costs. The rule of thumb: Every dollar invested in ease of use returns $10 to $100. - IBM

User Experience Conferences

Here is a list of conferences with a focus on User Experience that are mostly in the Northeast of the United States. If you are interested in learning more about User Experience, you should consider checking these out.