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Apple Store in HongKong, China

User Experience (Not Technology) Is The Secret To Apple’s Success

Innovation is defined as "the introduction of something new" and when most people think of Apple, they think of an innovative technology company. We disagree.
UX Interview in Progress

What Not To Say In A UX Design Interview (Vol. 1)

Over the years I've interviewed a lot of talented User Experience Designers and, in doing so, I've also heard a lot of interesting quotes come out of these interviews.
Office phone

UX FAIL: Office Phones

Other than your computer, your phone is probably the most used piece of equipment in your office—yet I bet most people don't know how to use 80% of its features.
Facebook's redundant Comment buttons

Facebook Iterates Their Design. So Should You.

I just revisited a tweet I posted 300+ days ago, which points out a design flaws with Facebook's use of redundant comment buttons. They have since removed the buttons.