Why I Switched From Droid to iPhone

In January of 2012, I wrote an article titled “Why I Chose Droid Vs iPhone“. Well, I recently became eligible for an upgrade – so I thought I’d write a new article on why I completely reversed my decision and bought an iPhone 5S this time instead of a Droid. Read more

Simultaneous Photos of Google Street View Car Photographing Bystander while Bystander Photographs Google.

Every once in a while I like to post a funny or odd “User Experience” that we come across…and this one fits that bill. Read more

Why I Chose Droid Vs iPhone

I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching all the pros and cons between the Droid 4 and iPhone 4S and I’ve concluded that there are simply too many things I would be giving up if I got the iPhone Read more

User Experience (Not Technology) Is The Secret To Apple’s Success.

Innovation is defined as “the introduction of something new” and when most people think of Apple they think of an innovative technology company. However, I would argue that Apple is really known more for designing innovative user experiences Read more