Toys ‘R’ Us

Vendor Extranet

Toys ‘R’ Us utilizes a private extranet website to provide its vendors with all the necessary assets they need to do business with Toys ‘R’ Us. Prior to UX Team’s involvement, the Vendor Extranet was working on 11 years without a redesign, which also means it was not taking advantage of the many advances in technology and web design – especially responsive web design.

UX Team started the project with a Team Work Session to dive deep into the client’s needs and brainstorm design ideas that would make the extranet a lot easier for its vendors to use. We started by redesigning the site navigation system to make content easier to find. We then created a responsive HTML/CSS prototype of the new site to enable the client to experience the new visual theme before and development was started. After a few iterations, we then developed the new extranet on the existing ColdFusion platform to keep costs and implementation red tape down to a minimum. Now that the new Vendor Extranet is live with an updated, brand-compliant look and feel and a mobile-friendly user interface.


  • Team Work Sessions
  • Wireframing
  • Visual DesignMockups
  • Prototyping
  • Application Development