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What Not To Say In A UX Design Interview (Vol. 1)

Over the years I’ve interviewed a lot of talented User Experience Designers and, in doing so, I’ve also heard a lot of interesting quotes come out of these interviews. My hope is to share some of these doozies with the masses to help others and maybe get a cheap laugh. Keep in mind these are actual quotes.

“I don’t like working with a blank canvas”

This is exactly the opposite of what any designer interviewing for any design position should say. A designer’s dream job is to work with a blank canvas—meaning the project or job has no pre-defined limitations or restrictions on how creative you can be. In UX design, this can mean that you will be free to design the best, most usable interface for a product without anyone or anything holding you back.

“If I had to choose, I would choose coding over designing”

If the title of the position you are interviewing for includes the word “designer”, don’t ever say that you would choose anything else over being a “designer”. To be clear, a UX Designer is a designer first, developer sometimes (if you’re lucky). If you are a developer but you happen to be a good UX Designer, choose which you want to be because if you interview for a design position, you will be expected to be a designer.

“As you can see I am one of the best designers out there”

Being a UX Designer means you are always going to collaborating with a team…and no one likes working with an ego maniac. In addition, a good UX Designer needs to learn to put their ego aside and always chose to do what’s best for the product. This can mean choosing a design that proved to perform better in usability tests over a design that you were more emotionally attached to. If you think you are “one of the best designers out there”, you may be a bit reluctant to choose what’s best for the product you’re designing.

“I don’t really like this (portfolio) piece of mine but…”

Your portfolio is either gets you or does not get you the job. If you don’t like a design you did or you’re not proud of a design, don’t show it in an interview because a bad design piece may be the most memorable thing about your interview.

Do you have any others?